Climate-Related Equations and Constants


Planck’s Function:

B(\lambda, T) = \frac{\textstyle 2hc^2}{\textstyle \lambda ^5(e^{hc/k_b\lambda T} -1)}
B(\nu, T) =\frac{\textstyle 2h\nu ^3}{\textstyle e^{h\nu / k_b T} - 1}

Blackbody total energy emitted = \sigma T^4

E = h\nu


c = Speed of light

h = Planck’s constant

k_b = Boltzmann’s constant

\sigma = Stefan-Boltzmann Constant = 5.67*10^{-8} W/m^2/K^4


A first Course in Atmospheric Radiation, 2nd edition, by Grant Perry, 2006, Sundog Publishing.

Physical Processes in the Interstellar Medium, Lyman Spitzer Jr., 1978, Wiley Interscience.


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